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Special needs are those needs that go above and beyond that of what a traditional treatment center can offer which means that if you or your loved one have special needs you will need a special treatment center. Special needs can range from handicap services, to prescription medication issuance and monitoring to accommodating the family pet who will be joining you in treatment. Whatever your special needs are, Spencer Recovery Centers will do everything it can to accommodate. We can make this promise because we are one of the country's most prestige's recovery centers and have been making arrangements to meet our clients special needs for over a decade. Our emphasis is on special needs that surround recovery such as poly addictions, behavioral problems, eating disorders, dual-diagnosis and similar situations.

Some of our clients have special needs concerning their families. Some clients attend Spencer Recovery Center by themselves from out of state and stay in our residential treatment facility full time for the length of their stay. Other clients attend treatment with their families and stay in family housing near the beach during the evenings. Special needs in respect to the family might mean accommodating many siblings and other relatives or even the family dog. Spencer wants to see you recover from drug and alcohol abuse and other behavior problems that are plaguing your life so we do everything we can to make receiving treatment as smooth as possible.

For those who need exercise we have a membership to a gym next door. For those requiring fresh air and sunshine, our Southern California beach setting is ideal. Some of our clients choose extended living quarters located on the beach while others stay only a short time or attend outpatient treatment.

From an emotional and cognitive view, our staff psychologist uses lengthy interviews to customize a treatment plan to accommodate any special needs having to do with abuse issues, family issues, eating disorders, or difficulties in school and work. Through one-on-one counseling sessions, the special needs of our clients are addressed and objectives are identified and set as goals.

You will not find another treatment center as accommodating as Spencer Recovery Centers. Our success over the past decade has put us in the best position to server your special needs so give us a call and let us prove it to you. If you or a loved one needs help, call us today.


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