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Residential treatment center is a place where individuals can go to solve their problems with drugs and alcohol because a residential treatment center offers a safe place away from temptation and pressure. Residential treatment center has the goal of promoting a drug and alcohol free lifestyle by uncovering the truth surrounding a life of drinking and using. Individuals who attend a residential treatment center are those who have tried to quit on their own and who continue to suffer consequences due to continued use of drugs and alcohol. Such individuals may or may not think they have a problem and often do not make a connection between drinking and using drugs and problems with the family, with money, with the job, or with the legal system and need to attend a residential treatment center to make these connections clear. A good residential treatment center like Spencer Recovery Center's can turn a life around in a few short weeks through therapy, inpatient group sessions, family counseling and an introduction to the recovery community.

Drug abuse and alcoholism has a tremendous economic and emotional affect on our society. Men, women and children lose loved ones, drop out of school, lose jobs, fight with their parents or spouses, get into car crashes, hurt themselves or others. When problem drinking and drugging persists, severe consequences can occur involving death, homicide, suicides and organ failure. Also know that problem drinking and drugging is a precursor to addiction and alcoholism which always gets worse if left untreated. The solution is found through professional intervention of a residential treatment center like Spencer Recovery Centers.

Of course there are many residential treatment center options out there but choose Spencer's because it is the most comprehensive and it is important to have a high quality provider in this area. Spencer Recovery Centers have been serving the recovery community for over a decade and use only the most successful approaches to our treatment regimen. Our facilities have all the comforts of home from our kitchen to our living room. The only difference is that we have a chef in our kitchen to make your meals and our comfortable living quarters are right off the beach of beautiful Southern California.

With a medical doctor and psychologist on staff, our treatment options can be customized to our clients needs whether the center on drug and alcohol abuse, behavior problems or other special needs. We are there for our clients through the whole recovery process from withdrawal to outpatient follow-ups and introduction to a 12-step program.

Please give us a call if we can answer any of your questions. If you or a loved one can be assisted by a residential treatment center like Spencer Recovery it just doesn't make sense to wait any longer to seek help. Spencer is the premier residential treatment center and we are ready to help you today.

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