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Group homes are especially effective for drug and alcohol abusers because group homes put together people with similar problems who are seeking a common solution. Group homes come in many different styles so it is important to choose the right one. Spencer Recovery Centers offers high quality group homes that address substance abuse and behavior problems. Our group homes have a professional constantly present on location and require that our clients follow the rules and regulations of the home. Strict adherence to the rules is an often neglected aspect of inferior group homes who tend to allow too much freedom and subsequently fail to meet their clients needs. Spencer has a long track record of success because we know that successful group homes need to be effective enough to change behaviors, thought patterns and personalities.

The goal of group homes is to offer a safe haven from the pressures and situations that our clients previously dealt with by acting out and getting loaded. Group homes bring together individuals with similar problems and through professional treatment plans, common solutions. Sometimes our clients come from family interventions or have a court referral due to problems with the authorities. Normally it is some crisis or another and successful treatment begins with identifying and prioritizing current problems in the daily life of our clients.

This prioritizing and addressing is achieved by a through admissions interview conducted by the professional staff of Spencer Recovery Centers. Our medical doctor is a full time staff member and can address any immediate physical difficulties due to withdrawal or chronic usage. After proper diagnosis, prescriptions may be warranted to deal with chemical imbalances such as anxiety or depression.

Beyond the physical symptoms, our staff psychologist and team of licensed drug counselors address destructive thought patterns and behavior problems. The advantage of staying in group homes is that treatment plans can be continuously updated to address behavior patterns that may not have been obvious in the initial interview. Spencer group homes offer stays as short as several weeks to many months in length. This creates plenty of time to develop strategies to better cope with problems and function better. With the guidance of professional counselors, group homes are the perfect settings for peer evaluation to give and receive support and feedback regarding recovery and behaviors.

If you or a loved one needs a new approach to problem solving that does not include drugs, alcohol or acting out, we encourage you to contact Spencer Recovery Centers to find out more about group homes and how to be admitted. If you are calling for a loved one know that attending group homes does not have to begin voluntarily in order to be effective. Many clients come in after family interventions or court mandates yet remain to finish the program based on their own success and the encouragement of other clients.

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