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Group counseling can be described in technical terms such as cognitive, behavioral and experimental approaches but group counseling in this site will address its role in recovery from drugs and alcohol abuse and behavior problems. Group counseling is an effective tool of professionally licensed counselors who work with drug and alcohol abusers. Drug intervention along with counseling has many advantages for the client and combined with individual therapy, can be very effective in promoting abstinence from substances and changing damaging behaviors. Spencer Recovery Centers combined both of these powerful approaches, group counseling and individual therapy and have a decade long track record of success in treating clients for drug and alcohol abuse. Spencer has found success drawing from cognitive and behavioral group counseling approaches as part of an overall treatment plan.

Study after study shows that group counseling can be extremely effective in transmitting information about treatment and recovery to members of the group. When clients come to Spencer Recovery Centers, our on staff physician and psychologist do a through admissions interview and begin a customized treatment plan to address the immediate needs and underlying causes of the problems at hand. This treatment plan is adjusted as the client reveals more in group counseling and learns about the skills needed to handle feelings and emotions. Through the professional guidance of our team of licensed drug and alcohol counselors, our clients learn from each other what triggers destructive behavior and how to control volatile emotions.

One of the most important aspects of group counseling is an emphasis on relapse prevention. While at Spencer Recovery Centers clearly our clients have been taken out of the using and drinking environment and are days and weeks away from their last drink or drug use. The goal of Spencer Recovery Centers is to ensure that our clients maintain this sober state of mind and body and remain abstinent. By group discussion of practical living skills, our clients learn what it takes to remain sober and learn the advantages of associating with a recovery group like the 12-step community.

Group counseling changes behaviors. Some clients just entering Spencer might cling to the denial that they even have a problem despite strong evidence of consequences and wreckage. Through group confrontation, our clients are shown the truth in part from other clients who can relate to their familiar state of mind. Group counseling is also effective on recreational field trips, role-playing exercises and group writing assignments.

Call Spencer Recovery Center's today to learn more about group counseling, individual counseling, substance education, physical health issues and everything else that we do to ensure that our clients lead healthy and productive lives without using drugs and alcohol.

If you need help, please call us today so that we can answer any questions. If you have a loved one who has a problem, call us for information on interventions and admissions. You and your loved ones deserve a healthy mind, body and spirit, Spencer Recovery Centers can make this happen, please call us today.

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