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Drug treatment is for individuals who find that they are losing control of their using and need drug treatment to prevent further addiction problems. Drug treatment has been found by study after study to be the most successful way to correct drug using behaviors. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has sponsored many drug treatment studies and has published their findings. Some of the strongest findings are possibly the most obvious, that attending drug treatment early in the drug abuse behavior cycle is much more effective waiting until things get worse. Spencer Recovery Center's offer a world class drug treatment program and we invite you to read on if you or a loved one needs help.

Whether it's illegal drugs like crack cocaine off the street or a legal prescription like Vicodin from your doctor, drug addiction can affect the abuser no matter their social standing. Drug treatment is required for drug abuse because often addiction has taken a physical and psychological hold that becomes impossible to break on one's own. Addiction is classified as a disease by the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Psychiatry. We mention these two groups in particular to illustrate that it is a disease of the mind and body. Drug addiction may have started with a conscious choice to use but soon the brain chemically changes and addiction is marked by physical dependence on drugs as well as a compulsion to use.

Successful drug treatment can reverse the negative thought patterns and emotions that lead to destructive behaviors. Spencer Recovery Center's use many different approaches to drug treatment and we have found that our combination of individual, group and educational therapies is very valuable to our clients. Drug treatment at Spencer means staying several weeks to months in a safe and comfortable housing facility. With a chef to prepare meals and a library and TV room, the facility is very homey while the program is intensive. Spencer Recovery drug treatment clients can expect to participate frequently in the following activities:

* One-on-one counseling
*Group therapy
* Relapse Prevention classes
* Substance abuse education
* Family therapy
* Role-playing
* Nutrition classes
* STD and HIV education
* Physical health screenings
* Gym workouts
* Beach walks
* Recovery videos

And many more activities, and yes we did say beach walks. Spencer Recovery Center's is located in a prestigious Southern California beach town and several of our drug treatment facilities are right on the beach. If you or a loved one needs drug treatment please do not hesitate to call. It doesn't matter if it's voluntary, forced or court required, treatment is available to all and all of our clients can find help in recovery. Don't delay, call today.

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