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Alcoholism treatment must involve the mind and body because in that alcoholism is a disease, alcoholism treatment must heal this disease. Alcoholism treatment worth anything accepts the widely accepted medical finding that alcoholism is a progressive disease that will always get worse if left untreated. Alcoholism treatment never passes moral judgments or makes clients feel guilty about poor choices. Doctors would never criticize a patient who had diabetes and alcoholism treatment should be no different. There are four symptoms alcoholism treatment must address: mental cravings, loss of control, physical dependence and tolerance.

Spencer Recovery Centers have been treating alcoholism for over 10 years. We are constantly fine-tuning our program with the most effective methods based on the latest scientific evidence. With an on staff medical doctor and psychologist we approach each of the symptoms for the most effective alcoholism treatment around.

The physical effects of alcoholism include withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, sweats, loss of coordination, exhaustion and irritability. A physical exam is a necessary part of alcoholism treatment in order to identify problems with the liver, stomach or other physical ailments. Often drinkers can be unaware of serious medical conditions because they are covered up by the analgesic effects of alcohol.

Our psychologist addresses the emotional and destructive thought patterns that need to be reversed in alcoholism treatment. Frequently, emotional disorders are either covered up by drinking or made worse by drinking. Spencer Recovery Centers has a whole team of licensed counselors that can help reshape thinking patterns and help our clients identify problems early before they develop into a crisis. This is achieved through a cognitive-behavioral approach. Once again addressing the mind as well as the body for effective alcoholism treatment. Individual counseling along with group therapy and family sessions if appropriate are a cornerstone to recovery.

Clearly one does not have to be a full blown alcoholic to experience problems. Alcoholism treatment can save years worth of problems, pain and consequences by catching alcohol abuse early before it develops into dependence.

Spencer Recovery Centers offer a wide variety of programs to suit the needs of our clients. Inpatient residential treatment, sober-living, outpatient follow-up, teen family programs, and specialized behavioral disorder treatment are all part of the services offered by Spencer.

If you or a loved one has felt that they should cut down their drinking but finds that they are not able to despite repeated attempts and promises, please give us a call. Alcoholism is not to be toyed with. Treatment is much easier when caught early and if you have a loved one who seems unwilling to get help, Spencer has intervention services available as well. Many clients come to us through our own interventions and studies by the Department of Health show that treatment does not have to begin willingly in order to take hold and be effective. Please call us today if you have any questions or want to find out how to be admitted into this program. The call is free and confidential and we're looking forward to hearing from you.

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